Sunday, July 20, 2014

Is The Church Embarrassed About Its Beliefs?

God Is Calling the Church to Be Unembarrassed and Uncowed By the Threats Made Against It  

An Unpowerful and Embarrassed Church
I'm afraid right now that the Church over all is either too busy or too embarrassed to stand up for what it believes. So much opposition is coming against the Church in America today—and we are just not used to that here. So we've actually become very timid with expressing our message. We've shut our mouths in order to keep from upsetting all of the groups or governmental powers that hate our message. And there are many who do.

Something is desperately wrong with us. I think many of us find ourselves in this place of spiritual softness. We've simply vanished from view off the face of this earth. We're too afraid that we'll be hammered if we stand up and say what we believe. This is especially obvious when it comes to all of the new preachers of unrighteousness that are now openly attacking America: the gay marriage proponents, the anti-family preachers, the unborn baby killers, the race baiters, the liberal mockers, and so many who feel comfortable attacking our freedom to speak openly, and to defend ourselves and to worship as we choose. We know if we say anything, we could be labeled, or lose our job, or be vilified, so be bullied into silence. What is wrong with us that we are silent with all of this?

I find it interesting when you realize that the administration seems to support every contrary position that now exists. And they are going out of their way to challenge all of the older values which Christians and many Americans have held for years. If we disagree with the government in any way, then we are labeled as potential terrorists. The administration knows exactly what they're doing. They want to see a polarization in America. None of this is an accident. This is part of their play-book from "Rules for Radicals." They want brothers to fight against each other because that's how they plan to win. It's called divide and conquer.

D.C. knows what we Christians believe and it definitely fears us if we every truly wake up and unite. It also fully understands how to use the power of intimidation against us and how to intimidate us into silence. When each of their new scandals have suddenly come to the surface, the response is duplicated each time. They express outrage, but then begin to stonewall and stall. They never really attempt any sort of fix to any of the revealed wrongdoings that have been revealed. That's contrary to their strategy.

Instead, their approach is to subpoena for the names of the whistle blowers. Then they threaten and attack any of their detractors. They know full well that such a game plan sends a strong message against dissent. They're saying: "If you are against us and what we're doing, we want to know who you are. And when find you, we will unleash the full weight and power of the government down upon your head!"

Yes, be honest. That is an extremely fearful message. We're dealing with a mafia-like administration who wants to communicate this message to all those who are fed up with what they see in the halls of power. They want us to be afraid. So those of us who don't like the direction our leaders are taking are faced with a big decision. How will be resist them? Will we shut up or will we say what we have every right to say? Will we use our constitutionally guaranteed right to free speech and speak out for the truth? Or will be cowed into silence?

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